Three Tips to Pick The Right Violin For Newbie Learners 

With many types of violins available in the market, many new students feel overwhelmed when selecting the right instrument. Everyone wants to buy the best instruments to make the most of their violin lessons and get the best value for their money.

Renting or buying a beginner violin can be challenging for those who have never played music before. Learning violin can be hard in the beginning. A fine musical instrument can encourage you to stay in touch with the course and develop excellent playing skills. Here are some tips for choosing the best violin for your music training.

  1. Rent a Beginner Violin 

The market has many beginner violins available for affordable prices. If you are not sure the violin will suit your specific taste, renting a beginner music instrument for a few months can be a great idea. Similarly, if you are a young violin student and need a musical instrument than ½ sizes, choosing a rental violin may be the best solution.

  1. Look for the Right Size

Nobody can have hands-on practice on the violin with the wrong size instrument. Using the inappropriate size violin creates problems with musical technique and causes chronic injuries to the neck, arm, and back. Consider your age, physical strength, hand shape, and body size.

You can also ask your music teacher about what size is most suitable for you.

  1. Craftsmanship & Materials

Crafting a violin is the same as it was three centuries ago. Handmade violins are expensive and require precision manufacturing to create beginner and intermediate violins. The material used in making violins is Maple and Spruce, a specific tone-wood. The instrument should feature symmetrical alignment of the neck and endpin. The deep carving on the violin indicates the high quality and superior craftsmanship.